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The Kansas City metropolitan area was mentioned as a top 10 high-tech city you'll want to call home (PC Mag - May 2014), by some accounts some 40,000 tech workers already do.

Our goal is to lower the amount of effort necessary to explore the overall Kansas City technical community and connect with any and all bits that are of interest. In general there are a number of interesting events that happen on almost a daily basis (take a look for yourself on the calendar provided). Places that technical denizens frequent are quite varied both geographically and organizationally in KC. However they generally break down into three main categories. The first of these are the annual tech conferences. In the past few years the number has grown and new conferences continue to be added. There are also annual user conferences. On a more regular basis there are tech meetups and user groups. Resources that help navigate these events are presented below. There is always something new and other events and groups that are no longer active. Please let us know if we need to update or add something. If you are in KC for a few hours, a few days, a few months, or have decided to join us on an ongoing basis, be sure to explore and connect with the rich tech community! If you think something is missing from the landscape then consider starting a meetup or group to fill the gap. We also hope to see you at a 1 Billion Bits soon.

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