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Our mission

The growing availability of gigabit fiber networks has prompted many of the world's best technical minds to ask, "Just what can you do with a gig?" While an incredible technological advance in its own right, gigabit internet is just infrastructure. A piece of the foundation on which the real advances that will change lives and create the future are going to be built.

A community exploring next generation network enabled applications

The sponsors and organizers of 1 Billion Bits want to help answer those questions and raise new ones by putting engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in Gigabit Internet & Applications in the same room. 1 Billion Bits is that room. Where on the fourth Wednesday of every odd numbered month CTO's, inventors, engineers, and developers working to create the future can come out to share what they're working on. We are building the local community around the exploration of topics driving next generation network enabled applications. Every month we dig into the Evolution of the Network, Software Frameworks and Approaches, the Proliferation of Computing Algorithms, or Applications (ideally involving as many of the previous topics as possible). By connecting with the individuals beyond the local community who are also doing innovative work, we ensure the richest perspective possible for our discussion.

If you're interested in participating or sharing your advanced gigabit enabled application, supporting the development of these technologies, or just learning what kind of exciting things are being created in your own backyard, check out our upcoming events or connect with us online. We also archive our past events for wider impact and to help give people an idea of what to expect.

Insights heard at past events

“In 5 years it will likely cost under $1 to get a device online.”

Jeremie Miller, Telehash, January 2014

“From a physics perspective, there are ways to share the spectrum.”

Isaac Wilder, Freedom Network Foundation, May 2014

“Hybrid approaches are going to be used to serve data.”

Doug Martin, C2FO, June 2014

“Math is the way to model the natural world. I wanted to generalize that notion.”

Steven Wolfram, Wolfram Research, June 2014

“We’ve been doing clouds for a long time.”

Andy Kallenbach, Lending Standard, July 2014

“As SDN continues to develop, applications can get much closer to the network.”

David Remington, f5 Networks, September 2014

What to expect

Every fourth Wednesday of odd numbered months, we dig into the Evolution of the Network, Software Frameworks and Approaches, the Proliferation of Computing Algorithms, or Applications (ideally involving as many of the previous topics as possible). The evening begins with a half hour of networking and catching up with old acquaintances to help create a collegial and laid back atmosphere. The events are hosted by our special sponsor C2FO at their amazing space. Once everyone's well socialized and ready to go, one or our organizers will introduce the evening's focus and presenters.

Our goal is to build community and connect that community to other innovators that are contributing to the next generation of network enabled applications whereever they may be located. To that end we are open by design and anyone can take a few minutes to discuss topics and make announcements interesting to the community during the open forum. Then the event is divided into a discussion focused around a local speaker and a remote speaker that together engage the group on the focus of the evening. Drinks and other refreshments served at the event are dependent on that particular location, and what kind of resources and restrictions are available. Some will allow things like alcohol and others won't, so plan accordingly. Be sure to check out a past session to get a feel for the flow of a typical event or better yet come check a bits out for yourself!

The billion bits format

  • 30 Minutes - Social Refreshments
  • 5 Minutes - Opening Remarks
  • 10 Minutes - Announcements / Open Forum
  • 40 Minutes - Local Speaker & Discussion
  • 35 Minutes - Remote Speaker & Discussion

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